RSA – The Responsible Service of Alcohol in Australia

RSA – The Responsible Service of Alcohol in Australia

In all of the States and Territories in Australia, a training program, known as Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (SITHFAB009A) is mandatory among those involved in the alcohol and liquor industry.  Hospitality, retail, sales and marketing employees of alcoholic beverage companies, personnel working in bars, restaurants, pubs or any licensed venues are all legally required to complete the Responsible Service of Alcohol course.  Every state and territory in Australia is governed by its own corresponding liquor authority.

Queensland: Registered Training Organizations that were able to undergo due process in order to receive accreditation are the only ones recognized by the State’s Office of Liquor Gaming and Regulation to conduct RSA QLD training and grant a RSA QLD Certificate.  You can check out a list of reputable RTOs at the OLGR’s official website

New South Wales: An RSA course in NSW must be acquired from a training provider or RTO that is approved by NSW’s liquor authority, which is the Liquor and Gaming Control (CLGC).  An RTO approved by the CLGC is then accredited to provide RSA NSW certificate to successful trainees.  CLGC’s official website has a list of trusted RTOs available in various cities of NSW.

Australian Capital Territory: In ACT, RSA course was not legally required until the end of 2010.  If you have completed an RSA course from a different state or territory before December 2010, it is not necessary for you to retake an RSA course in ACT, since your RSA certificate has not yet expired.  Your RSA qualification is valid for 3 years since the day it was issued, and you only need to retake an ACT RSA training if your certificate has already exceeded its validity.

Victoria:  An RSA course completed online or in person is recognized in Victoria, as long as it was acquired from an RTO or training provider recognized by the Director of Liquor Licensing.  For an RSA online certificate to be accepted in Victoria, you are required to also complete a Victorian-specific refresher course offered by the Director of Liquor Licensing for free.

Tasmania:  All training providers in Tasmania must be approved by the Commissioner of Licensing before they are allowed to conduct RSA course training and provide an RSA Tasmania Certificate.

South Australia:  RSA certificates are a must only for those who work as approved managers and supervisors in bars, restaurants or any licensed venue with alcohol consumption and distribution.   This is what they refer to as “Approved Responsible Person”, wherein the person has to declare his or her personal information in a declaration form as well as his RSA training course achievement in the Office of Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

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