RSA Sydney Online

Want to complete your RSA Sydney Online? Well You Finally Can. We Sussed Out a Training Provider who is Actually Approved to Offer the RSA Online in Sydney.

RSA Sydney Online

Get your RSA Sydney Online and Start Working in a Bar

Want to start working in a bar in NSW? Well you better get your RSA Certificate. The RSA Certificate is a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate and is attained by completing an RSA Course. It aims to teach people how to serve alcohol responsibly in order to protect patrons and the greater community. For years the NSW government have only allowed people to gain the certificate by completing face to face training, however as of July 1 they now allow you to complete the RSA Sydney Online. There’s still a lot of face to face training providers however now you have the option to complete it online as well. We have sussed out training providers who offer both face to face and online training so make sure you check them out.

Which training providers off the RSA Sydney online course?

In Sydney, there are multiple training providers that deliver an RSA course.  However, you need to make sure you obtain your RSA NSW certificate from one that is recognized and accredited by the Casino, Liquor and Gaming Authority of NSW. RSA certificates acquired from different states and territories of Australia are not accepted in Sydney or anywhere in NSW.

We recommend you checkout this training provider if you want to complete your RSA Online. We have checked them out and they are accredited by the necessary authorities to offer the RSA Online in Sydney.

In July 2012, an RSA Sydney online course was made possible and was be recognized in New South Wales.  This means that RSA courses may not only be completed by attending face to face training training, but also by completing the RSA online by an approved RTO. RSA Sydney online course is approved by ASQA and the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Authority of NSW.

Why do you need to complete an RSA course?

Participants have the option of how they want to complete their RSA course, either online or in person.  Regardless of how want to complete it, RSA is a requirement mandated by law, and non-compliance is subject to charges and penalties.  It is illegal to work or to perform any task involving alcoholic beverages and liquor without obtaining an RSA certificate.

The RSA course in Sydney intends to minimize the risk of harm and threat brought by excessive alcohol consumption.  This ensures that the employees are able to prevent the occurrence of issues caused by excessive consumption of alcohol of the customers and to protect the safety of co-workers and other patrons.

The RSA Sydney online course educates the staff and employees of their legal responsibilities and obligations.  It includes the following key topics:

  • The responsibilities of RSA
  • The Benefits of RSA
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Understanding the effects alcohol has on the body
  • Preventing intoxication of patrons
  • Recognising the signs of intoxication
  • Refusing alcohol to minors
  • Dealing with difficult or intoxicated patrons
  • Understanding how alcohol affects the community

How long does it take to complete the RSA Sydney Online course?

RSA course taken in person generally takes 6 hours to complete, while RSA Sydney online can be completed within 3 – 4 hours, within one sitting.  RSA Sydney online gives you an opportunity to go through the course at your own preferred pace, you can pause in between and resume where you last left off.

How much does an RSA Certificate cost?

RSA Sydney online course costs generally costs around $130 – $140.


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