RSA Refresher

The RSA Refresher Course is a way for people who already have an RSA Certificate to update the knowledge and skills they have developed through previous training programs. This course is available in Victoria and is a legal requirement that must be completed every three years to ensure their RSA Certificate remains valid.

RSA Refresher

Is It Necessary for Me to Complete an RSA Refresher Course?

It is required under law for all personnel working with alcohol in Victoria to take and complete an RSA Refresher Course every three years.

How much is an RSA Refresher Course?

This is the best news for everyone in the industry: an online RSA Refresher Course is free of charge, provided by Victorian Liquor Licensing. To Complete the course follow this RSA Refresher link to the official government website.

How Do I Complete an RSA Refresher Course?

For you to take the first step towards completing the RSA Refresher Course, just click on this RSA Refresher link. It goes to The Victorian Department of Justice website which has the link leading to the full details for the course.

How long is the RSA Refresher Course?

Another good thing about the RSA Refresher Course, aside from the fact that it’s free, is the fact that it only takes about an hour of your time to complete. You don’t even have to finish it in one sitting; you can easily start the course then complete it at your own pace.

Why is an RSA Refresher Course Necessary?

People who work with the supplying and distributing of alcoholic beverages have a big responsibility to their customers regarding customer safety. It is important for staff to be fully aware of their duties and of their legal obligations. The RSA Refresher Course is necessary because it gives liquor personnel information on new regulations, requirements and practices, changes in laws, current issues and trends regarding alcohol and other relevant data. When licensees and staff have completed an RSA Refresher Course, it means they are up to date and have the current knowledge, skills and tools to deal with any situations that may arise from their work.

What Topics are in an RSA Refresher Course?

The RSA Refresher Course includes but is not limited to:

  • Facts about Alcohol
  • Intoxication
  • Underage
  • Duty of Care
  • Refusal of Service

The course basically covers material that is in the general RSA course, but with the latest information on things like blood alcohol content, laws regarding underage drinking, drink spiking, proof of age, incident reports and other such pertinent matters.

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