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What is the RSA Online Training?

RSA Online aims to provide people with an opportunity to complete the RSA Certificate Online.  An RSA Online course is done over the Internet, meaning anyone can complete it at anytime, and you can complete the course at your own pace. Compared to RSA training courses where you have to be there face to face, an RSA Online course allows you a convenient way to complete RSA Certification without having to go to a scheduled class. However, online certificates are only valid in certain states in Australia. Numerous Australian states do not accept an online certificate so make sure you check the requirements for the particular state you want to work in.

Completing Your RSA Online

Where Can I Complete an RSA Online?

RSA Online programs are taught by accredited trainers who have been certified by the authorities. There are dozens of training providers throughout Australia who can give you the necessary training in order for you to get an RSA Certificate. The actual course is short and is easy enough to take and complete. The most important thing regarding any RSA Online course is to make sure that you have checked the requirements for the state you intend to work in so that you know what conditions you’ll need to fulfill.

We recommend you checkout this online training provider. They are accredited by the necessary authorities and only cost $59.

If you want to complete your RSA Online in Sydney however, there aren’t too many training providers who offer the course. The NSW have only just approved online accreditation and have approved this Sydney training provider to offer the course so definitely check them out.

For more specific details regarding State requirements, you can click on the links you want located on this website. Please feel free to also leave your questions on this page and we’ll get back to you with the answers you need.

Who Should Get an RSA Certificate?

Although the requirements are different for each state, most states in Australia now call for the following personnel to undergo an RSA training course and obtain an RSA Certificate before being permitted to handle liquor. This means all staff in alcohol-related businesses, including but not limited to:

  • Bar staff
  • Floor staff
  • Promotional staff
  • Security staff
  • Licensees
  • Volunteers who serve alcoholic beverages

Which Australian States Accept an RSA Online Certificate?

Some RSA Online training providers give two kinds of certificates: the OLGR-approved which is accepted in QLD under State conditions and a National Statement of Attainment which is accepted in WA, NT and SA. Just check with the specific training provider you choose and they will let you know exactly where the certificate is accepted.

The NSW government also accept online certification but it has to be completed by a training provider in NSW. Online certification from other states will not be accepted in NSW or anywhere in Sydney. We found a training provider who is accredited in Sydney so definitely check them out.

 How much is an RSA Online Certificate?

A typical RSA course online ranges from $50-$80 however in Sydney the course will cost you around $130, depending on the training provider you choose. Just make sure that the training provider you decide to use has been properly certified by the right authorities. As mentioned previously we found an RSA online training provider.

RSA is where responsibilities regarding alcohol supply and service begin. With an RSA Certificate, problems regarding intoxication can be greatly lessened, hopefully making a safer society for everyone.

Does the online RSA course have to be completed in one session?

Usually, participants of RSA courses online are not required to complete the whole course in one session.  They are provided with an opportunity to complete the courses at their own pace, and take multiple breaks in between the course if they want to. Generally, RSA courses online allows you to log in and out anytime and their system should be able to remember your last activities.

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