Want to complete your RSA Certificate in Northern Territory? We've found one of the best and cheapest RSA Online Training Providers for you.


It is compulsory for people who are involved in the sales and service of alcoholic beverages in Australia’s Northern Territory to get an RSA NT certificate. The Nationally Accredited certificate, Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol – SITHFAB009A is the more recommended option. The course is supposed to ensure that those supplying and distributing liquor are fully aware of their legal obligations to their patrons.


Where Can I Get a Nationally Accredited Training Certificate in the Northern Territory?

RSA Certificates in the Northern Territory can be completed face to face or online training providers. There are many companies that offer training programs for an RSA NT Certificate in the Northern Territory area. Just make sure you find a training provider who has been accredited by the necessary governing bodies.

We did a bit of the legwork for you and found a training provider in the northern territory who is accredited by the necessary authorities. We recommend you check out this training provider, they are one of the cheapest online training providers that we could find.

How much Does an RSA NT Certificate Cost?

The amount of a training program depends on the training provider. Online accreditation will cost from $50.00-$80.00 for you to be able to complete your Nationally Accredited course.

Why Do I Need an RSA NT Certificate?

Employees are required by law to have an RSA NT Certificate before being allowed to work in licensed premises. This is in order for them to be fully aware of their duties and responsibilities with regards to alcohol service.

  1. Chyneese GavranichChyneese Gavranich08-21-2012

    I’am 17 turing 18 on October the 23rd 2012.
    Am I still able to get an RSA licence online?

  2. JaimeeJaimee08-26-2012

    Hi Chyneese, Thanks for stopping by our site. I am 99% sure that you can complete it online even if you’re 17. You just can’t work in a licensed venue until you are 18. If I was you, I would send through you question to a company directly – like this one and they will be able to give you a definite answer.

    Hope this helps.

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