RSA Certificate – Its Importance in the Alcohol Industry

RSA Certificate – Its Importance in the Alcohol Industry

As stated by Australian law, staff and employees who are involved in the selling, supply and distribution of alcoholic beverages and liquor all across Australia are required to complete the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course.  Completion of the course will grant them a nationally recognized RSA certificate that will allow them to receive employment in several states in Australia.

Excessive alcohol consumption has been a long term problem in Australia and in other countries.  Alcohol intoxication causes issues that threaten the community and society of Australia. It is quite difficult for them to actually deal with problems associated with alcohol, since alcohol plays a big role in their culture and way of life.  This has led the Australian government authorities to issue a law that will keep their alcohol culture alive but protect the health and safety of the citizens as well, effective January 1, 2009.

All throughout Australia, numerous training providers and institutions are able to grant RSA Certificate training programs.  These days, RSA certificates can be obtained online or through in-person training.

RSA Certificate training course covers the following topics that are of importance to your career:

  • Alcohol and the Law
  • Facts about liquor and alcoholic beverages
  • Problems Associated with Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  • Who is Responsible
  • Improved Atmosphere
  • Handling Difficult Customers

RSA Certificate training program is beneficial because this will teach you the following (but not limited to):

  • The effects of alcohol in the body
  • The different levels of alcohol intoxication
  • Definition of a standard drink
  • How to evaluate the strength of every alcoholic drink
  • The effects of alcohol intoxication in the society and community
  • The various ways on how to prevent and control excessive alcohol intake
  • The skills and strategies to prevent minors from consuming alcohol in licensed establishments.
  • How to control the offensive behaviour of intoxicated consumers.


For a person to effectively and efficiently perform his or her responsibilities as an individual working in a licensed venue and as a citizen of Australia, the mentioned topics are certainly significant.  Not only will the RSA certificate training course provide you with a deeper knowledge regarding alcohol, but will alsohelp you develop the needed skills and techniques to let you perform your job while acting according to your legal obligations.  This is an integral issue regarding RSA certificate, since employees who sell, serve and supply alcohol are expected to serve alcohol with “duty of care” and act as advocates of the law.

This law was put in to place with the intention of protecting the health and safety of the most defenceless members of the Australian community, the younger generation and the minors.  In order for employees to perform with “duty of care”, they need to obtain an RSA Certificate training course and receive complete support from their management.

If to obtain a career in the liquor industry, specifically in the hospitality management is what you have in mind, then an RSA Certificate is an important requirement you must legally comply.

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