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Anyone who wishes to work in the selling and distribution of liquor in Canberra is required by state laws to undergo and complete RSA training. It is a requirement for anyone working in a licensed establishment, from bar staff to upper management to complete their RSA Canberra Certification.

Completing Your RSA in Canberra

Where Can I Get a Nationally Accredited RSA Training Certificate in Canberra?

There are numerous RSA training providers where you can complete your RSA Canberra Certificate. Be sure to check on the training providers’ credentials before deciding on anything to make sure that your certificate will be accepted in Canberra.

We did a bit of the legwork for you to find you a training provider.

We recommend you checkout this Canberra Training provider who is accredited by the necessary authorities and has a great location in Canberra and is one of the cheapest face to face training courses we could find.

Do I Have to Complete an RSA in Canberra?

Yes. As of June 1st 2012 all patrons who wish to work in a licensed venue must have an RSA Certificate, so make sure you complete it and avoid being fined by liquor licensing.

How much Does an RSA Certificate Cost?

Costs for RSA in Canberra can vary depending on the training provider you choose. The normal price range is from $75.00-$110.00 for the certificate.

As previously mentioned we recommend this Training Provider, they charge $80 plus GST for their course, so definitely check them out.

Once I’ve got the RSA Certificate, how do I get a job?

There are heaps of different ways to find a job in the hospitality industry. Look online – on jobs like seek, careerone or have a look in the local area. More often than not, getting a job in the hospitality industry is all about being persistent and going into venues and asking for a job directly. If they ask if you have any experience, be open and honest with them – tell them that you don’t but you’re more than willing to put in your own time to learn the ropes. This goes a really long way to getting a job – to a couple of short shifts on your own time while they train you. It might seem like you’re working for free but it’s just to help you get your foot in the door. I’ve been a manager for years in hospitality and when someone shows initiative like this, it always helped with their application. Good luck!


  1. Soojin LeeSoojin Lee05-22-2012

    Can you please give me detailed information about the RSA course?
    When is the earliest date that I can take the course?
    I already have NSW RSA so in this case is there any change in price or course?
    How many working days do you have to issue the certificated?

  2. JaimeeJaimee05-25-2012

    Hi Soonjin Lee,

    Your questions are quite specific so I have passed your question over to a training provider in Canberra that we trust and hopefully they will be able to follow up with you directly.


  3. SamanthaSamantha08-08-2012

    Good afternoon,

    I reside in the ACT and my RSA has expired (completed in 2001). I noticed that in Victoria, a refresher course is free of charge. Is there anything available of this nature for Canberra?



  4. JaimeeJaimee08-08-2012

    Hi Sam,

    I don’t believe there is. In Victoria they have the RSA refresher but you have to complete it within 3 years for the certificate to remain current. If your certificate is 11 years old I would think you will need to re do it.

    I would contact this training provider who is in Canberra, they’re so great to deal with and will be able to answer your question.

    Thanks for visiting our site!

  5. SamanthaSamantha08-08-2012

    Thankyou for your prompt reply Jaimee.

  6. JaimeeJaimee08-09-2012

    Not a problem at all Sam. Hope it was helpful information.

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