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Completing Your RSA in Brisbane

Get a job in a bar in Brisbane after getting your RSA Certificate

In Brisbane, Queensland, if you are tasked to serve, sell and distribute any alcohol drink or liquor, you are required to have a Responsible Service of alcohol (RSA) certificate. Completion of an RSA training course will grant you an RSA certificate that permits you to work in Brisbane.  RSA online and face-to-face training are the two possible ways of completing the course.

Where can I complete an RSA Brisbane course, and acquire an RSA certificate?

There are numerous training providers around Brisbane that offer the RSA course, and it’s available either online or face to face. If you want to complete your RSA online then make sure you checkout this RSA training provider, they are accredited by the necessary authorities and offer a great price. If you want to use a face to face training provider then checkout this Brisbane training provider who are located in Brisbane CBD.

Different Registered Training Organisations across all areas of Brisbane are able to offer both RSA online and RSA classroom-based courses.  These training providers underwent various screening and examinations so as to be recognized by their own governing bodies.  In Brisbane, OLGR or the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing is the government authority that approves their delivery of RSA training course.

What will I learn in an RSA Brisbane course? What is involved in an RSA course?

The main objective of an RSA course is to provide all individuals working within the alcohol industry the necessary skills and knowledge needed in providing a safe environment to the workers, patrons and community of Brisbane.  RSA course educates them with the following:

  • Strategies needed to deal with intoxicated patrons
  • Alcohol facts and information
  • Standard drink definition and accurate measurements
  • Techniques to prevent alcohol intoxication
  • How to properly refuse service of alcohol to minors
  • Ways to improve the atmosphere of licensed venues

Do you need to have an RSA certificate to be able to work in Brisbane?

The Australian government oblige everyone involved in the sale and service of alcohol to acquire an RSA certificate and undergo complete training of RSA course, for this is the only possible way of educating them about their legal responsibilities and obligations.  This requirement is mandated by the National Health and Safety Law.

How much will it cost to complete an RSA Brisbane and have an RSA certificate?

To own a nationally recognized RSA certificate, an amount of $60 – $100 is expected to be paid.  However, the cost of the course generally varies between training providers in Brisbane.

Who needs to complete RSA Brisbane?

 RSA Brisbane course is required by legislation from the following people:

  • Bartenders
  • Security staff
  • Servers and waiters
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Licensees

What if I am under the age of 18, can I complete an RSA course in Brisbane?

All individuals have the opportunity to enrol in an RSA training course.  However, only those who are above 18 years of age are eligible of employment in licensed venues that provide alcohol service

I already have an RSA certificate from another state; can I do a bridging course to meet the requirements in Brisbane?

Yes. If you intend to work in Queensland, but you have completed your RSA course from a different state, different training providers are able to offer an RSA bridging course for QLD.

Are there additional costs involved?

Yes, there are additional costs involved in completing an RSA bridging course, however it is generally less than completing the whole RSA training. I would expect you would pay around $30-$35.

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