RSA Australia

The laws regarding RSA Certificates are different in almost every state in Aus. Annoying huh? We'll make it easier for you - Choose the city you want to work in and we'll explain everything to you.

RSA Australia

The Responsible Service of Alcohol in Australia (RSA Australia) has become an important feature of the hospitality industry in recent years. National and state governments have acknowledged the need for laws regarding the responsible distribution and provision of liquor, and have thus set licensing laws in order to regulate these activities. Additionally, the RSA Certificate aims to educate and train personnel working in liquor businesses in order to reduce the problems that arise from intoxication.

RSA Australia

Where Can I Complete an RSA Certificate in Australia?

There are numerous RSA Certificate training providers in Australia. Take note however that each state and territory has its own specific requirements regarding RSA, so you should first check on these requirements before undergoing any training program. There are some states that don’t allow interstate certificates and don’t acknowledge any training programs given in other states or territories.

We recommend you checkout this online training provider. They are accredited by the necessary authorities and are some of the cheapest RSA Certificates we could find.

For more details, check your state requirements on this website by choosing your location at the top of this page – we aim to provide you with the necessary information on which RSA Certificate course you need to complete in your state.

Who Needs an RSA Certificate?

According to laws, anyone who is employed in establishments supplying and serving alcoholic beverages must obtain an RSA Certificate. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Licensees
  • Security staff
  • Bar staff
  • Floor staff
  • Promotional staff
  • Managers/owners
  • Volunteers

RSA Australia

Why Do I Have to Complete an RSA Course?

Aside from meeting the legal requirements set by each state, having an RSA Certificate means that the staff of an establishment are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities regarding alcohol supply and service. Completing an RSA Certificate in Australia means that employees understand:

  • The effects of alcohol on the human body
  • Dealing with intoxicated customers
  • Importance of RSA Australia
  • Facts on alcohol

How Much Will an RSA Cost in Australia?

To be honest – the answer to this question all depends on which state you want to work in, and which training provider you choose.

For a rough guide to the cost of RSA Courses in Australia we’ll do a break down for you. In WA, NT, SA and QLD if you complete your RSA Online it will cost around $50-$70. If you complete your RSA Online in NSW – we found a training provider who offers the course for $97 (which is the cheapest we could find). If you complete it face to face in NSW it will cost around $120-$130. In ACT it will cost around $80-$100 and in Victoria we found the cheapest training provider who offers the course for $45. Other places will charge between $50 – $65. In Tasmania, I think it’s around $60-$80 depending on the training provider you choose.

If you want to checkout the RSA training provider we recommend in different states in Australia then definitely checkout our RSA Training Providers page, where we have all the training providers we have checked out and can recommend.

Can I Complete my RSA Online in Australia?

Yes you certainly can – but only in some states, and some online certifications aren’t accepted in some states – it’s all pretty confusing.

Some online training providers offer the RSA Online in Australia which is recognised in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory. Whilst others are only recognised in their state – like the NSW Online Course can only be completed by a NSW Online Training Provider accredited by the NSW Government. Okay, so when it comes to completing your RSA in Victoria you have to complete it through face to face training. This is non negotiable and do not go with any company who says the RSA Online is accredited in Melbourne or Victoria – it’s not, and won’t be approved by liquor licensing. For more information about completing your RSA in Australia then choose the particular state or city you want to work in at the top of this page.


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