RSA Adelaide

It is mandatory for anyone dealing with the supply and service of alcoholic beverages in Adelaide to obtain an RSA Certificate before working in a licensed premised. There are no specific RSA Adelaide certificate courses available, but for those who intend to work in hospitality in South Australia, specifically in Adelaide, it is essential to complete the Nationally Accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol training. This course is meant to provide staff members with the knowledge and understanding of their duties and responsibilities in dealing with alcohol.

RSA Adelaide

Where Can I Get A Nationally Accredited RSA Certificate in Adelaide?

South Australia has numerous training providers that offer the National Accreditation in and around Adelaide. This course can also be completed face to face or online via RSA agencies or companies offering RSA Online training services. We recommend that you checkout this online training provider as we have checked them out and they are accredited by the necessary authorities.

How much Does an RSA in Adelaide Cost?

Costs for RSA Adelaide Certificate training programs and Nationally Accredited certification vary depending on the training provider. The estimated amount ranges from $50-$80. As we mentioned, definitely checkout this training provider, they offer the best deal we could find.

Why Do I Need an RSA Certificate?

Employees dealing with the distribution and sales of alcoholic beverages should have a proper understanding of their responsibilities regarding their customers. An RSA Certificate training course teaches the following:

  • Dealing with intoxicated customers
  • The benefits of RSA in Adelaide
  • The effects of alcohol on the human body
  • Definition of a standard drink
  • Facts about alcohol
  • Legal obligations of staff members
  • Refusal of service to minors

Can I Complete an RSA Adelaide Certificate If I Am Under the Age of 18?

Minors are permitted to complete the RSA Adelaide Certificate training course. However, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to work in establishments that deal with liquor, neither are they allowed to consume alcoholic drinks.

  1. KeedaKeeda05-14-2012

    Can you please help me, I need a face to face RSA in the next two weeks in adelaide, Do you know of any?
    Thank you,

  2. JaimeeJaimee05-15-2012

    Hi Keeda,

    Thank you for sending through your question to us. I don’t know of any specific face to face trainers that I can recommend which offer the RSA Adelaide certificate however I did some research for you and found a big list of training providers who offer the course in Adelaide so I would recommend you check them out to see which one is closest to you.

    Just incase you decide you want to do the RSA online in Adelaide then we recommend that you checkout this training provider. Hope this helps!

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