Responsible Service of Alcohol, RSA Course Information

Responsible Service of Alcohol, RSA Course Information

Responsible Service of Alcohol, more commonly referred as ‘RSA’, is a course taken in person or online. It educates those who serve and sell liquor with the essential information and awareness regarding the responsible service of alcohol in all licensed venues of Australian states and territories.  It is a must for the liquor service and retail staff working in licensed venues (bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs) to undergo an RSA course. RSA online complies with the RSA training requirements, SITHFAB009A – Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol.  This training is recognized in multiple areas, including, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

In most RSA online courses, participants must be assessed through a multiple-choice type of exam before they are granted with an RSA Certificate Online.  This assessment doesn’t require additional charges.  The official course code is SITHFAB009A – Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol.

The following topics are to be discussed during the course:

  • Responsible steps and measures to take in serving and selling alcoholic drinks or liquor
  • Assistance of customers to drinking within controllable limits
  • Assessment of customers under the influence of alcohol and intoxicated ones who must be refused of service
  • Proper way of refusing alcohol service

At the end of the RSA Online course, participants are expected to be more knowledgeable of their ‘duty of care’ and their legal obligations and duties as an employee who serves liquor and different types of alcoholic beverages to consumers.  He or she should be aware of the fines and penalties charged in irresponsible service of alcohol and must deeply understand alcohol facts, from what it is, how it affects a person (short term and long term), as well as the standard drink sizes and measurement to avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

The course entails a progressing multiple choice exam.  Since the training takes place online, participants have the privilege to view the course materials any time but are tasked to get a 100% to be able to pass the training.  If a participant gets a question wrong, he or she may go through the question again without limits.

Those who have successfully completed the course don’t have to waste their time waiting for their RSA online certificate and Statement of Attainment.  This is because with the course, you get to download, print and save these pertinent documents immediately.  The training involves interaction and narration.

The RSA online course is a requirement recognized and delivered to meet the Nationally Recognized Training under the Australian Quality Framework (AQTF). Success in going through this course will let you receive an RSA certificate and a Statement of Attainment.  Queensland OLGR RSA certificate may also be given to those pass another assessment.

The RSA online certificate is a must for security and crowd control staff, licensees, managers, supervisors, promotional and floor staff as well as volunteers.  Typically, beholders may get employed from different licensed venues, such as licensed clubs, hotels, bars, cafes and retail outlets.

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