Funny Commercial: RSA Certificate

Funny Commercial: RSA Certificate

Funny Commercial

Excessive alcohol consumption is what convinced the Australian government to impose a law that requires bartenders to complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol course and an RSA Certificate.   However, even with this law, still citizens and consumers should be responsible with themselves, they should be aware of the risks, and threats present every time they consume alcohol excessively.

Okay, so lets put that aside because for those who can control themselves, drinking alcohol can be an enjoyable past time. We came across this youtube video which we thought was pretty entertaining. Check it out.

RSA Certificate

Want to work in a bar and need to get your RSA Certificate? We decided to put a website together to provide people with information they needed to get the right RSA Certificate for them. We’re not trying to sell you anything, just provide you with as much information as we can. We aim to cover what an RSA Certificate is, who has to complete it, which training providers we recommend and how much you should expect to pay to complete an RSA Certificate.


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