Free Bartending Magazine

Free Bartending Magazine

Thanks for visiting our website. In conjunction with our friends over at we put together a magazine to help bartenders learn some of the basics about working behind a bar. We had a team of experienced bartenders put together articles relating to industry bar secrets, the most popular drinks and shots every bartender must know, how to earn tips, how to get a job in a bar without any experience and heaps more.

We didn’t want to just provide information on how to get an RSA Certificate, because that is simply the first step of working with alcohol. Working behind a bar is a whole different ball game and can be a heck of a lot of fun. We hope our emagazine can provide you with a bit of basic knowledge so you know what to expect when you jump behind the bar. If the magazine is a little bit hard to read, just click on the expand button in the middle and it will open up and then you can scroll through and read any articles you want. Enjoy.

(P.S, if you’re on a device that you can’t use flash then unfortunately you won’t be able to view this cool magazine.)

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