Brad Pitt Commercial

Brad Pitt Commercial

Brad Pitt’s Funny Commercial

In Australia, liquor and alcoholic beverages are a part of our culture and tradition.  Alcohol is one of our ways to relax after long hours of work, to socialize and have fun.  Although it is a favourite past time some measures have had to be out into place to ensure the safety of patrons in licensed venues, to prevent intoxication. The Responsible Service of Alcohol course and RSA Certificate is an important requirement for people who serve alcohol in any licensed place, such as a bar or a pub.  This allows them to control and responsibly serve alcohol to patrons.  The RSA course and RSA Certificate will help you become a responsible and great bartender of Australia.

Now, putting that aside for a minute, we came across this funny alcohol commercial with Brad Pitt so thought we’d share it with you. I know you’ve been searching for information about RSA Certificates – so we thought we’d entertain you for a couple of minutes and then let you get back to finding a place to complete your RSA Certificate.

RSA Certificate

Okay, no you’ve watched the youtube clip. Pretty funny huh? We hope you liked it. It’s time to get back to finding out information about completing your RSA Certificate. Jump on over to our RSA Certificate Home page, choose the location you want to work in and we’ll explain everything you need to know about completing your RSA Certificate.

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