RSA Certificatewww.rsa-certificates.com.au was setup to provide information to visitors about completing an RSA certificate in any state in Australia. The website aims to answer the following questions for each state: What is an RSA Certificate? Who has to complete an RSA Certificate? What does an RSA certificate cover? Where can you complete an RSA Certificate? And how much does an RSA certificate Cost?

The creator and owner of this website has spent several years in the hospitality industry managing licensed venues. She understands the importance of all staff and management completing an RSA certificate. The owner was part of the senior management team who were awarded the Responsible Serving of Alcohol aware by the Queensland Hotels Association in 2008, highlighting her expertise in ensuring RSA standards are upheld. She also has had a lot of experience dealing with liquor licensing officers and Queensland police, working together with them to ensure a safe environment for their patrons. Please feel free to ask her any questions about working in the hospitality industry or about completing your RSA certificate,  by sending her an email in the contact us section.

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